5 Ways to Show Your Value as a Travel Professional
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5 Ways to Show Your Value as a Travel Agent

There is one question I am frequently asked by travel professionals:  “When a client comes to me with a price found online, and I am only able to match the price or if my price is higher, why would they want to book with me?” This is a great question and one that all travel professionals must be able to readily and confidently answer.

When you are asked this question – and it’s a matter of when and not if – this is when you have the opportunity to sell yourself, show your value and secure the booking. As travel professionals, you are not only selling travel, but you are also selling yourselves. So know your product!

To begin, ask yourself, “Why do clients come to me?” Do they come to you for your advice, for information, for your knowledge of the travel industry and destinations, and because they want an expert to do the work? That expert is YOU, and you should know and be able to articulate your value.

Everyone has a different value proposition. Here are five ways to get you thinking about what yours are:

I am valuable because …

Relationships, Provide Best Value
I will get to know you and will create a trip customized for your own unique vacation. I will select the best products and provide my professional guidance along the way.

Save Time, Convenience
I am a one-stop shop for every aspect of your travel needs. I will assist you with all components of the trip in one place and give you pricing that is clear and concise, saving you countless hours of online research.

Industry Knowledge, Clout
My relationships with supplier partners allow for best value, amenities and direct assistance. I know who to trust and which products to offer. I will also offer you travel insurance to protect your investment.

Destination Knowledge, Consultant
By booking with me, I will give you direct access to me as your personal travel consultant. I will give you tips about your destinations that only a travel expert who’s experienced these places could give. I will qualify you based on your needs and wants to ensure you have the vacation of your dreams, and I’ll follow up upon your return.

Advocate, Expertise
I will monitor your bookings for any schedule changes and be there to assist if an issue should arise. I will ensure you have the proper documentation you need, advise you of any special travel information based on my knowledge of the destination and be there to answer any questions you may have.

Be ready, be confident, and most of all, know your value! In closing, I invite you to consider Nexion® as your host agency. Whether you’re new to the business, an experienced agent, an agency with multiple agents or focus on corporate business, Nexion has the tools and resources to help you develop your business and show your value as a travel professional.