Through a mix of engaging networking events with motivated advisors, staff and suppliers, along with targeted educational opportunities for travel professionals of all skill levels, you will learn vital best practices and develop a competitive edge.


A beginner’s course filled with essential info for those who are new to the industry, this four or five-day program examines the journey of a booking from the initial research stage to the actual booking process for all types of travel – air, sea and land. Options to attend in-person or virtually are available.


This intense educational program will provide you with the basics of being a Nexion Travel Group member and how to be an incredibly successful travel advisor! From sales to marketing to operations, this boot camp will “condition” you to “be all you can be” and so much more!


These complimentary, regional events across the country offer local travel professionals the chance to experience one-of-a-kind networking with suppliers and other advisors, professional development and training opportunities in just one day.

Discover The Many Advantages We Can Provide Your Travel Business!