Luxury Travel Sales Summit Exclusive Event - Keynote Speaker
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What our Advisors are saying after attending the Luxury Sales Summit

I've attended every Luxury Sales Summit since the first one, and I've seen my luxury business grow consistently since that time. I like that it is a smaller event, attended by other advisors who focus on luxury too, as the networking with other agents is as valuable as the interactions with the luxury suppliers. Each year a larger portion of my business comes from the luxury suppliers, and I directly attribute that to the Luxury Sales Summit - the more I focus on luxury, the more luxury business I attract. - Carol R
The Luxury Sales Summit has it all - education, networking and FUN! It's worth the time and expense for any advisor who is serious about growing their luxury sales. - Diane H
The Luxury Sales Summit is all about Inspiration and Interaction with other Luxury advisors and suppliers who educate and elevate us to learn and grow. I am prepared to sell Luxury with confidence and elevate my client's experience when they travel. I could not do this without the Luxury Sales Summit. - Peggy M
So glad I made the investment in myself and my business to attend Luxury Summit 2021. This was my first time to attend and the knowledge exchanged not only with travel providers, but my peers was immeasurable. - Alisa S
I love this program. It's hands-down the most beneficial conference I attend. If I could only do one a year, it would be this one. - Elizabeth F
The event truly provides knowledge and tools that cater to the luxury client and help convert premium clients to luxury. - Kadee K
The Luxury Sales Summit is one of the meeting highlights of the year for me. With its small size it's a great opportunity to connect with other agents, Nexion staff, and preferred suppliers. The venues are always excellent - good to get acquainted for future business, and as you would expect from Nexion, they are always well organized. - Debi W
This event was amazing! The small group size allowed for great connections with fellow agents and brand partners. Also loved the immersive private events!! Great Summit!! - Lisa M
Luxury Sales Summit was amazing. I feel so honored to be invited to attend this year. The event was wonderful and the food was incredible. I felt so energized after meeting with suppliers and other advisors. - Sandy C
Nexion Luxury Travel Summit offered a great opportunity to reconnect with luxury travel supplier, hoteliers and travel advisors. Networking and exchanging of ideas to move forward with our business as travel opens up. I was honored to be invited! - Beverly O
I would highly recommend the Luxury Sales Summit for its invaluable information shared in a small group. - Donna S
The Luxury Travel Summit is a great event for an agent to: focus in on a select market sector, gain product awareness, and build a face to face relationship with supplier BDMs. All crucial in an ever-changing travel market. - Brian B.
It's an investment in your business and your future. - James W
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