Nexion Group Travel Sales Summit Speaker Biographies
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Senior Director, Business Development and Education, Nexion Travel Group and Program Director, Travel Leaders of Tomorrow

Heather Kindred holds a dual role for Travel Leaders Group. As a Senior Director she has the day to day responsibility of leading the Nexion’s Business Development and Education team that manages all aspects of the professional development and business opportunities for the companies 4000+ membership of travel advisors.  As the Program Director for Travel Leaders of Tomorrow—a New to the industry travel agent training and placement program, Heather oversees the marketing and management of this comprehensive training initiative. A travel industry veteran, Heather began as a corporate and leisure agent before discovering a passion for teaching and mentoring new travel professionals. She cultivated this passion through various education and training roles with AAA Washington, Carlson Wagonlit and Holland America Line. Heather is a believer that travel is in certain people’s DNA and loves helping people with the right qualities acquire the skills they need to spend their days sharing their passion for travel with others.


Business Development & Education Manager, Nexion Travel Group

As a Business Development and Education Manager, Rich Ferrucci works directly with individuals who are both new and experienced in travel, helping them learn the ins and outs of this exciting industry, stay abreast of changes and utilize all available tools and resources to become more efficient. Rich began his career in travel as a home-based, independent leisure agent while earning a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration. Much of his business was focused on group cruising and creating memorable events at sea for groups of all sizes.

After realizing he also had a passion for education, Rich began speaking at various travel conferences around the nation. He brings both of these interests together at Nexion Travel Group and Travel Leaders of Tomorrow, helping others discover their own passion for travel while guiding them along their path to success. Rich achieved an MBA in 2017 and CTIE in 2018.


Business Development & Education Manager, Nexion Travel Group

Martin Mussey has often heard it said, people do not look to hire a coach, they just want someone to help provide a solution to a specific problem. Martin brings his expertise as a certified Business Coach since 2013 to the travel industry; after running a travel agency of his own since 2012 as well as a successful business coaching practice under the #1 Global Business Coaching franchise of ActionCOACH. His love of travel while working alongside other travel professionals helped him see a need within the travel industry. Once he decided to focus on the travel advisor as a niche he eventually found his way to Travel Leaders of Tomorrow and Nexion Travel Group. This has allowed Martin to be a part of impacting lives nationally by creating the Silver Magellan Award winning business coaching program for new to the industry agents, called NEXstrides.

Martin’s passion for helping people find new levels of success by bringing the right solution specific to each person that helps them solve their greatest problem. Typically that means setting goals and having a plan of action that gets you closer to those goals. Working together to be sure those goals are in service to something even bigger; making a difference in your life and the lives of those around you. As your Business Coach and advisor, Martin helps you deliver the results you desire using proven tools, methodologies and systems, tested and perfected over tens of thousands of businesses worldwide for over more than two decades.  None of it is rocket science, we just sometimes need that extra level of accountability. Martin often says, “I am not really a business coach, just an accountability partner!” Presenting at events helps Martin start that accountability conversation and get you to the next level!

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