Look — relaxing vacations are great, there’s no argument about it. Sometimes, the best way to unwind isn’t lounging with a cool beverage in hand and staring out at a picturesque sunrise over the endless blanket of blue that is the ocean. Sometimes you might feel a hunger for thrill, a need for speed, and nothing satisfies the soul like a solid shot of adrenaline.

Luckily, when it comes to cruise lines, you don’t have to pick between thrills and relaxation. Thanks to state-of-the-art innovation, you and your family can enjoy a restful day soaking up the sun, or opt for some more intense enjoyment with the help of the thrilling waterslides onboard. Compiled below are the fleets housing some of the wildest options to consider for your next adventure on the water:


Royal Caribbean® 

The aptly named The Perfect StormSM offers a trifecta of slippery speed. The first two slides are the pair Cyclone and Typhoon. Standing three stories high and designed with racing in mind, you can challenge a friend, or stranger, to see who gets through the twists and turns to the bottom first.

The third slide varies by ship. On Harmony of the Seas®, you’ll find Supercell, a water slide that shoots you into a giant water bowl for several swirls before a final drop into the splash zone. On Liberty of the Seas®, there’s The Tidal Wave, which turns your raft into a boomerang between two steep slopes.

Finally, while it may not be a water slide, it bears mentioning:  The Harmony of the Seas® harbors the Ultimate AbyssSM. A pair of side-by-side dry slides, the Ultimate Abyss drops you 10 deck levels through pitch-black tunnels fitted with flashing lights and an audio system designed to astonish. Add in the fact that you’ll hit a G-force of 1.46, and it’s plenty of thrill without the water.


Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line takes thrills seriously:  All of its Breakaway Class ships boast five multi-story water slides, adding up to be endless exciting options. Try Free Fall and fly down at speeds of 4Gs, or take a spin down The Whip for a dizzying descent; both are dual slides, allowing you to set up an exciting race with family and friends.

The final slide to be found on Norwegian cruises is The Epic Plunge. Starting four stories above the pool deck, speed through 200 feet of tube before swirling around the giant water bowl and finally dropping into the splash zone. The best part? It’s inner tube optional!



Those looking for full-fledged aquatic adventures should look no further than Carnival — 20 of their ships come equipped with a fully functioning WaterWorks waterpark. Within each WaterWorks, the individual offerings vary:  You could enjoy zooming down anything ranging from the Drain Pipe, the dueling Racing Slides, the Green Thunder Thrill Slide, the AquaTunnel, the Kaleid-o-Slide or the Speedway Splash. The one constant between WaterWorks slides is the thrill. Of course, if you find yourself on one of the ships without WaterWorks, fear not. Just as water is wet, every Carnival Cruise Line has the Twister Waterslide.

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