Gain a Marketing Edge with Nexion Travel Group’s
Business-to-Consumer Magazine, Escape, and Engagement Campaign

This issue’s featured theme:  Ultimate Summer & Family Vacations

Nexion Travel Group is pleased to bring you the fourth edition of its business-to-consumer (B2C) magazine and marketing campaign for 2019. The print edition and digital components are available to U.S. Nexion Travel Group members who are part of the Engagement program, and Nexion Travel Group-Canada members have access to the digital campaign components.
This integrated Summer & Family Vacations-themed consumer campaign will allow you to share inspiring ways for your clients to partake in an unforgettable deluxe vacation.

Following the success of Escape magazine’s past issues, it’s time for Nexion Travel Group’s Ultimate Summer & Family Vacations edition of this exclusive direct mail piece. Escape magazine is a National Geographic-like, full-color MAGAZINE with original, themed content that members who opt into Engagement and the campaign can send to their clients.

This beautiful, printed magazine also offers matching digital marketing materials that you can use to promote your services as a travel professional. Below are the four editions of Escape in 2019, and themes will be:

  • Experience the Americas – in home April 30
  • Luxury Culinary & Wine Focus – in home July 16
  • Vacation on Ice: Alaska, Iceland, Antarctica, Expedition Ships, Fjords/Glaciers, Ski vacationsin home September 16
  • Ultimate Summer & Family Vacationsin home December 4

Don’t miss out on this complimentary marketing opportunity to shine in front of your clients.

Remember that to do so you must be part of the Engagement program through Travel Leaders Network to participate in Escape magazine.

If your AgentMate is turned on to sync with Engagement, you can order the Nexion Escape magazine October 22 – October 29, 2019 from your Marketing Dashboard in AgentMate.

If you are not yet synched, order the Nexion Escape magazine October 22 – October 29, 2019 through Agent Universe>Engagement Order Site. (Contact for more information on how to your AgentMate can sync with Engagement.)

Suppliers participating: Carnival Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Delta Vacations, Disney Destinations, Funjet Vacations, GOGO Vacations, MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Palace Resorts, Playa Resorts, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean International and Universal Orlando Resort.

IMPORTANT:  Don’t wait until the last moment to order. We are only allotted a certain quantity of magazines based on supplier funding, and once that quantity is gone, we won’t be able to add more.

Once you order, be sure to check your Head of Household listings for your clients who will receive this magazine. In order to ensure your mailing is being sent to the Head of Household, follow these steps:

1. Pull client profile via Client > Client List > Enter Last Name > Search
2. Select Client
3. Make sure the check box is checked next to who you want to be Head of Household
(People within a household are loaded alphabetically in AgentMate, so checking this now will ensure you have the magazine going to the parents, as well as future mailings going to the actual head of household.)


  • 50-page Escape magazine with a Ultimate Summer & Family Vacations and branded with your agency’s contact information and call to action
    • Will land in your clients’ mailboxes December 4
    • Available in both print and digital format; we will provide up to 50 pieces FREE
    • Personalized letter from you to your clients for both cover versions
    • Original articles on Ultimate Summer & Family Vacations
    • Nexion Travel Group supplier partner advertorials with AMAZING OFFERS
  • Digital suite of components
    • Ultimate Summer & Family Vacations banner ads automatically promoted on agent-level websites with Passport Online
    • Ultimate Summer & Family Vacations curated blog posts automatically served up on agent-level websites with Passport Online
    • Ultimate Summer & Family Vacations social media posted automatically to your Facebook Business Page and Twitter through Nexion Travel Group’s ESP social media resource center
    • Ultimate Summer & Family Vacations promotional email automatically sent to your clients through Travel Leaders Network’s e-engagement marketing platform
    • Ultimate Summer & Family Vacations customizable email loaded into Nexion Travel Group’s exclusive OnTarget email marketing tool (self-send option vs. e-engagement)
    • All digital assets available to agents via a comprehensive marketing toolkit for ad-hoc marketing purposes
    • Nexion Travel Group will also provide you with a marketing calendar and call script, so you can coordinate your outbound calls to your clients. This will make it easier than ever for you to sell Ultimate Summer & Family Vacations to your clients!
    • Featuring two covers, one with grandparents and the other one with a millennial family

NOTE: Nexion Travel Group is not a consumer brand, and all consumer-directed pieces of this campaign will display the Independent Travel Advisor contact information only.



“The Escape mailer is a terrific piece for my customers.  I love how it highlights different options for quality vacations.  Land and sea, it tempts with incentives that peak the interest and motivates my clients to act quickly.  This most recent mailing featured a Galapagos cruise on the new Flora and inspired a client to reach out.  I love it when that happens! ” – Member Karen Walworth, Lifetime Memory Designer – Side Street Travel

My friends and clients have been so impressed by the Escape magazine. They are amazed that I have such a professional piece associated with my agency. I don’t know if they think I went down to the publishing office and did this myself or what, but I have gotten so many highly favorable complements from friends at meeting and parties, and of course they mention this in front of other people not on my list, so it expands awareness for me.
The impact of the Escape magazine promotion can ripple beyond your client list – I sent the summer promotion Escape to a list that included some clients that honeymooned a couple of years ago. The husband’s parents came to visit them and started readying the Escape magazine and called me because of seeing the offerings there. I booked an owner’s suite on American Queen Steamship that sailed in November, and that booking is directly attributed to Escape.” – Member Carol Rowland, Recess 4 Grownups Travel

“The Escape Magazine is a beautiful, easy to reference piece that stands out in my clients’ mailbox. It keep my name and brand in their minds and reminds them it might be time to book another vacation with me. It represents my agency so well as it is clearly very professionally done. The social media kit and supplements are rich with content and easy to use.  It’s the perfect centerpiece for our marketing.” – Member Elizabeth Caran, Outlander Travel, LLC

“Nexion Travel group is the foundation and support I can’t do business without. I have learned so much from our partnership. And I do think of them as a partner, tho’ I’m in CA and they are in TX. The office is very responsive and supportive. There are a vast number of conferences and learning sessions to attend and grow in information and expertise. Nexion has really moved up in back office support with the new CRM and merging of Engagement (the best direct marketing program for agents to customize for their clients wants and dreams.)” – Member Janet Caraker – Island Jack’s Travel

“This is a great marketing opportunity. When our clients receive it, they start posting about how great it is and thankful for us sending it to them. It is a great tool to get our clients thinking of travel, while keeping our company name in the forefront.” – Member Jim Mason – The Cruise Planner, LLC

“Sets us apart from the rest! These publications were an amazing asset to our clients. Not only were these magazines chock full of attractive & attainable content, they were fabulously put together to capture our audience. Our clients actually posted photos of theirs on their social media to share the word and professionalism displayed by these publications. They were so well done. Bravo!” – Member Ria Maratheftis – The Travel Nook

Nexion Travel Group’s B2C marketing campaigns gives my small agency the same quality marketing that only larger companies with big pockets can afford. Nexion’s marketing tools help us to advertise more efficiently and give us access to more travel products to work with. My clients receive timely marketing pieces that they would not receive if I were not a proud Nexion affiliate. Thank you Nexion for all that you do!” – Member Janet Craker – Island Jack’s Travel

“Escape magazine has been a great way to keep my clients engaged about vacation planning between their vacations. I was actually in the grocery store when one of my clients came up to me and said “My husband and I LOVE getting your magazine! We have read thru it so many times that the pages are getting worn, but we need to talk to you soon because we have decided it is time to book a Mediterranean cruise.” – Member Denise Delvecchio – Magic Destinations

My clients love the Escape magazines from Nexion Travel Group and look forward to receiving them! The destination information, supplier offerings and graphics are top-notch. Many clients have commented that they have made choices for new vacations after reading the magazines. I also believe that the Escape magazines showcase the services and professionalism of a travel advisor.”Member Nanci Cairns – Incanto Travel

I have been using the Escape Magazine for the last year. I bring it with me to targeted locations where my clients frequent. I also mail them to all of my clients and post them on social media (as the coveted download) for people that leave me their email address. I have been able to gain many new clients from these beautifully designed magazines that focus on experiences.”Member Randi Wexler – Corporate Wellness Consulting Group