Health & Safety Information to Keep in Mind at CoNexion 2021
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Health & Safety

Our priority is to keep everyone safe and healthy at CoNexion.  We will work closely with the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort team to ensure that our conference attendees, staff and employees remain safe during CoNexion. We will also monitor and adhere to all local, government and venue-specific guidance.


Last Updated: February 7, 2022

The safety of our attendees and staff is our highest priority. The safety measures listed below are in accordance with the CDC and local authority guidelines.

Nexion is unable to provide specific risk levels for events and activities. It is important to consider your own personal situation and the risk to you, other attendees and staff before participating. As health and safety conditions continue to evolve, our duty of care measures are as follows:

  • All CoNexion attendees must be fully vaccinated as defined by the CDC.
  • As of Tuesday, July 27, the CDC has recommended indoor masking.
  • Masks are required during movement, workshops, round-robin tracks (formerly roundtables), the tradeshow,  and for those speaking at the general sessions while they are backstage.
  • Masks are optional at the Universal Orlando Resort Park Party and for speakers on stage or in workshops at CoNexion.
  • You can read more about Loews Sapphire Falls and Universal Orlando Resort’s Safety Guidelines here:
  • All Nexion employees supporting the onsite experience at CoNexion will be vaccinated.
  • Nexion will have limited PPE equipment available at CoNexion Central.
  • Our CoNexion App will be available for event-specific safety materials and information.
  • The Universal Orlando Resort App also has more information.
  • Custom signage will be placed throughout the venue indicating required health and safety protocol and recommended attendee behavior.
  • All programming was designed taking into consideration a variety of comfort levels.
    • In high-traffic spaces, such as the trade show, we are allowing for additional space for physical distancing.
    • Floor plans will have a varying degree of social distancing and spaced-out seating.
    • There will be reserved times between programming for standard room refreshes.

Working with the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort, we intend to deliver a safe event, allowing for our attendees, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and vendors to connect, learn, and return to business as usual effectively and, most importantly, safely. 

COVID-19 Testing in Orlando for CoNexion Attendees

As we know, some countries require a COVID test before returning home, and some of you may be returning home or heading elsewhere after CoNexion and may need a test. We wanted to share a few options for testing to plan as you leave us from CoNexion.

Reservations seem to open up 13 days before your needed testing date. Please make an appointment for your departure date at least 3-4 hours before your flight to give adequate time for testing and results.


Airport Rapid Tests (Recommended)
Cenrtacare, part of Advent Health offers testing at the Orlando International Airport in Terminal A before security. They offer Rapid PCR ($175) and Rapid Anitgen ($65) and results in about 20 minutes.
It is highly recommended that you make a reservation in advance. Reservations are usually available 13 days prior to the testing date required.
Finally, PCR tests may be limited, so it’s good to reconfirm your appointment.

If Flying to Canada: Choose PCR COVID
Choose Zip Code: 32827
Phone Number: 407-825-2200
Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:30 am to 5 pm; Saturday and Sunday: 7:30 am to 7 pm


Most CVS locations in and around the hotel are only offering drive-thru service. Please visit click here to schedule a test and check availability.
PCR test results generally take 1-2 days.
Pricing varies.
Our hotel zip code is 32819 for easy searching.


Walgreens has multiple locations around our hotel and open reservations about 13 days prior to your test date.
The closest location is 7650 W Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32819 and appointments fill up quick and usually open within 48 hours.
Pricing varies.
As Walgreens will not guarantee results by time of travel, it’s suggested to try the two above options.

Countdown to CoNexion 2022!