Best Practices to Keep in Mind While at CoNexion 2021
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CoNexion 2021 Best Practices

Whether it’s your first or fifth time at CoNexion, we encourage you to take a look at our Best Practices below.

Focus in on making CoNexion about NETWORKING and NOT SITTING.

First let’s define “Networking” The process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional social contacts.

How do you set your mindset?We want to encourage you to be focused on networking. Be ready to interact with our supplier partners, other Nexion advisors, and staff.

Create a trade show planLook to see which suppliers will be on the trade show floor. Consider making a priority list of who want to be sure and visit with related to your niche or specialty. Then after what products  you want to learn more about. Come up with key questions you might ask to start the conversation. Example “What is most important for a new advisor to know about your product”? Some booths will even ask you engaging questions to start the conversation but be prepared with your own

Create relationshipsThis is a relationship business; having great relationships with your supplier partners not only build confidence but can make a huge difference in your sales goals because you feel connected. Your challenge should you choose to accept is to create introductions and start those relationships.

Have fun! We encourage you to get involved and engage with other attendees when possible.

Pre-planning your approach to some elements of CoNexion is key. Attendance at NEW Kids on the Block pre conference workshop will help you do just that while also meeting other new conference attendees. This way you will have begin the process of networking and seeing friendly faces around the conference hallways and resort!

Countdown to CoNexion 2021!