First-class airfare. Secluded destinations. Fivestar hotels. Top-tier suites and staterooms. If this sounds like your typical vacation routine, you’re probably no travel novice. Perhaps you’ve already wandered cobblestone European streets, lounged on the sun-soaked fringes of the Riviera Maya and explored vast Alaskan wilderness. And now you’re looking to take your travels to the next level.

With the help of an expert travel advisor, you can ascend beyond the guidebooks to the bespoke experiences at the height of today’s luxury travel trends. A hosted cruise to the spellbinding ice-blue landscapes of Antarctica. A thrilling African safari impeccably planned from the moment you step outside your front door to the minute you return home. From a private car and driver along curvaceous Mediterranean coastlines to a plush private jet to whisk you off to another continent, a travel specialist has the tools to transform a great vacation into one that is truly spectacular.

Grab your notebook and join us as we graduate beyond Travel 101 to Advanced Luxury Travel with these exclusive experiences, available only through your travel advisor.



There’s nothing quite as luxurious as traveling by private jet, but the benefits aren’t just glitz and glam, either. Chartering a private jet means you’ll have more time at your destination and a more luxurious journey overall. It also means the time in transit is yours to spend as you wish. Enjoy some quiet time to read, wrap up some work before setting your out-of-office status or enjoy quality time with loved ones over a bottle of Champagne. If you’re traveling with a pet, they’ll be more comfortable roaming freely instead of being stuck in the dark cargo hold. Just imagine a vacation that begins the moment you step on board, one where you don’t have to wait for other passengers before taking off and the in-flight amenities are exactly the type you keep in the fridge at home.

Compared to the cost of flying first class, rates can be surprisingly competitive. Our agency can secure exclusive rates with ALTOUR AIR, which leverages their longstanding partnerships to negotiate on our behalf. They have priority access to over 7,000 aircraft, from economical options to coach airliners for groups and tours, turboprops for quick weekend getaways, helicopters for easy transfers and luxurious intercontinental private jets for VIPs and high-profile travelers.

Best of all, traveling this way is incredibly flexible. Compared to less than 600 commercially served airports, private flights operate out of over 5,000 airports in the United States alone, from bustling cities to more remote locations. When time is just as valuable as money, a private jet can get you closer to your destination in the most efficient — and relaxing — way possible.



If you like the idea of a cruise but want a more exclusive experience away from the crowds, ask your travel advisor about the Distinctive Voyages Hosted Cruise Collection. Hosted cruises are something like a community within a community; a group of like-minded travelers who enjoy access to special services and complimentary amenities unavailable to other cruise ship passengers because they’ve booked through a travel advisor.

The hosts themselves are avid travelers with extensive knowledge of the cruise line and destination who are available to provide support throughout the journey. While there are various onboard avenues to answer questions and make recommendations for all passengers, guests on hosted cruises also enjoy access to a more personal contact to offer specific recommendations about what to do in port, insight about exclusive cruise offerings or secret tips and tricks other travelers don’t know. Plus, they often receive VIP perks like inroom gifts or credits to use towards onboard offerings such as spa services or specialty dining.

Hosted cruises usually begin with a private welcome reception — a cocktail party to meet your cruise host as well as the other members of the group. This is a great way to network and get acquainted with a more intimate community of peers. Depending on the cruise, there might also be an exclusive shore event, such as a private wine tasting or small-group tour. Itineraries within the Culinary Collection include food-forward events like private cooking demonstrations, tastings and galley tours, while other itineraries offer the option of a Private Car and Driver with a fully customizable tour. Best of all, it’s all complimentary. If you’re looking for a quieter experience away from the larger cruise ship population, a hosted cruise is an excellent option available only through your travel advisor.


Have you ever had an absolutely amazing vacation, and halfway through, thought of all the friends and family you wished could be there to experience it with you? Whether it’s a cruise, all-inclusive resort or land tour, a multi-generational trip is the perfect opportunity for quality time traveling with the people who mean the most, and only those people. But with so many moving parts — multiple schedules to coordinate, room requirements and travel accommodations — group bookings are always best handled by a travel advisor. An advisor can easily arrange everything from adjoining staterooms to luxury villas, private transfers, tours and more — and it’s where they can really deliver the most bang for your buck in terms of luxury amenities.

Because travel advisors have such deep-rooted personal connections, they enjoy access to special perks and exclusive rates you couldn’t find booking on your own. Travel advisors have priority access to the best suites and staterooms, they are first to know about the newest itineraries and their clients receive better treatment than those travelers who book independently. These professionally planned group trips are the perfect way to include everyone on a truly relaxing luxury getaway — one where everyone can enjoy their vacation and nobody has to do any of the busywork.