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Escape Insider is Nexion Travel Group’s multi-supplier, tactical consumer email that is sent by Nexion Travel Group on a monthly basis on behalf of members who are part of the ENGAGEMENT MARKETING PROGRAM. This is FREE marketing that is part of your Nexion Travel Group membership!

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Nexion Travel Group has a variety of omni-channel B2C marketing campaigns you can take advantage of. To learn about these, including the difference between Escape and Escape Insider, please visit


  • Up to 26x per year
  • Customized branding and call to action with your agency’s information
  • Personalized blurb from you to your clients
  • Featured offers that are included in the direct mail

Escape Insider Direct Mail

Direct Mail

  • Up to 9x per year
  • Customized branding and call to action with your agency’s information
  • Available in both print and digital format
  • Personalized letter from you to your clients
  • Nexion exclusive offers with VIP amenities

Escape Insider is designed to get your existing customers to travel more often, featuring close-in tactical travel offers from Nexion Travel Group’s preferred suppliers with a time-sensitive call to action

Thank you for working so tirelessly to serve your clients during this very challenging time. To help you support your clients, we created copy and social media graphics that you can use to connect with your clients. It’s important to be genuine and honest about these unprecedented situations we’re facing, but also hopeful and positive about our future.

Toolkit includes:

Sample copy ideas for your social media posts

• Social Media Graphics – Download zip files below.

Facebook (1200 x 628)

Instagram (1080 x 1080)

Facebook & Instagram Story (1080 x 1920)


How To Update Facebook Profile Picture Frame

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